Dear Friends
and Colleagues

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Post-graduate Meeting ‘Minimally Invasive and Trans- catheter Cardiac Surgery’ (June, Ancona, Italy) has been converted in the new Ancona Live Virtual Course that will be presented on CTSNet on June 2020, 8th and 9th.
We stay home..but we move on! Cardiac surgeons are resilient!

Given the current excellence of our cardiac surgical results, I strongly believe both perioperative QoL and promptness of recovery should become new hard clinical end-points of our specialty. The achievement of this new ambitious goal cannot be separated from a wider use of minimally invasive techniques and catheter-based techniques that cardiac surgeons have to embrace with vigor if they really aim remaining patients’ interlocutors and key-players in the management of structural heart diseases.

Therefore, not in Ancona, but within a virtual conference hall presented by CTSNet, a prestigious faculty of international opinion leaders and experts will explain their prevailing vision of cardiac surgery and share their minimally invasive and trans-catheter approaches for the treatment of aortic and mitral valve diseases.

The conference format will adapt to its new virtual nature. We will have:

  • one session per day, each of 120 minutes (aortic and mitral valve)
  • each session will contemplate a few opening lectures given by opinion leaders in the field followed by rapid-fire presentations where experts will present, and defend, their own minimally invasive approaches.
  • interactivity between the faculty and the attendees will be ensured by real-time virtual chat, ballot and an appropriate time for discussion.
  • the conference will be archived by CTSNet so others can have later access.

I believe our Ancona Virtual Live Course presented by CTSNet may represent for all stakeholders an opportunity to evolve by adapting to the unprecedented time we are experiencing. While offering an attractive and diverse scientific program, the Faculty, the Audience, CTSNet and the Sponsors,  will have the opportunity to show that we are resilient and that, ALL TOGHETER, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

We are looking forward to welcoming you on CTSnet for an unforgettable educational and opinion exchange experience.

Prof Marco Di Eusanio


Noema SRL unipersonale – via Orefici, 4
40124 – Bologna (Bo) – Cod.Fisc. e P.IVA 03809750379

Noema SRL unipersonale – via Orefici, 4 – 40124 – Bologna (Bo) – Cod.Fisc. e P.IVA 03809750379